From Interim

Chief of Police

Pictured left to right are Jeanine Mullen of Klub 55, Jodie Kuklinski - Administrative Assistant with Kohler Police Department, Laurie Lindow - Village of Kohler Clerk/Treasurer, and Jean Zemke - Aurora EMS & Community Educator

"No person shall engage in the artificial feeding of whitetail deer within the village limits, except as set forth in Section 7.20.020. "Artificial feeding" shall be defined as the placement of shelled corn and/or other types of grain, salt or minerals, and fruit or vegetable matter, on the ground or in feeders, mangers or any type of structure or receptacle for the purpose of feeding or attracting whitetail deer on any private or public property. 

Officer Adam Schmitz
Officer Chad Gross
AA Jodie Kuklinski

Warmer Temperatures 

As the snow melts and the accompanying flooding subsides, warm temperatures will bring out more bicycle riders. Young people on bicycles are out having fun. They do not always think about complying with traffic laws as they should. As adults, we should anticipate this and use extreme caution when we see young bicyclists.

AED Donation

On December 6th, the Aurora Healthcare Foundation awarded Klub 55 in Kohler with an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to be utilized in cardiac related medical emergencies. Along with the donation included hands on training for compression only CPR and AED application. The donation is part of the foundation's "when minutes matter" campaign led by Dr. Steven Zils. The Kohler Police Department applied for the AED donation on behalf of Klub 55. 

The prohibition set forth in Section 7.20.010 shall not apply to:

A.  Deer management practices approved, authorized, and sponsored by the village;

B.  Use of bird feeders, or their equivalent, for the sole purpose of the feeding of birds, and

C.  Cultivation of naturally growing grains, fruits or vegetables, for purposes other than the feeding of whitetail deer, but which inadvertently attract whitetail deer.

Officer Awarded Certificate of Excellence 

Through the leadership of the Kohler School District's Superintendent, Quynh Trueblood, the Community Resource Officer position became a partnership between the Kohler School District and the Kohler Police Department. Officer Matt Hocevar was selected to fill the position.

Matt has just completed the first six months of his new assignment as the CRO, and has exceeded everyone's expectations. 

Feeding Deer Prohibited

The Police Department has learned that some residents are purposely feeding deer in an effort to attract the deer into their yard for viewing. This practice is prohibited by ordinance as part of the Village's deer management program that attempts to limit the herd to a reasonable number. The ordinance reads as follows:

Staff Awarded

Officer Adam Schmitz, Officer Chad Gross, and Administrative Assistant Jodie Kuklinski were recently presented with Certificates of Excellence. Adam, Chad, and Jodie earned the awards due to their hard work regarding the initial response, the follow-up investigation, and the administrative support regarding the multi-fatality motor vehicle crash that occurred on Interstate 43 on January 18th. 

Bike Safety Day - Saturday, June 1, 2019

Save the date for this year's Bike Safety Day to be held on Saturday, June 1st. This is a popular program with young residents of the Village. It has greatly contributed to the safety of our young people and is certainly a factor in the Village's outstanding bicycle safety record.

Emergency Medical Services

Week May 19th - 25th, 2019

The Kohler Police Department is a State licensed Emergency Medical Responder Unit. Every KPD Officer is either a licensed Emergency Medical Responder or Emergency Medical Technician. The Officers respond to every medical call in the Village, providing lifesaving care prior to the arrival of Paramedics that respond from adjoining cities. If the Officers are busy on other calls, or need additional help on a serious call, the Kohler Fire Department has members that are also licensed and will respond when requested. There are routinely slightly less than 200 EMS calls in the Village each year.