Officer Adam Schmitz

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Hello, I'm Officer Schmitz and I've been a patrol officer for the Kohler Police Department since August 4, 2008. I primarily work the evening and midnight shifts. 

Prior to my career in law enforcement, I obtained my Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and then graduated from 

the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Recruit Academy at Fox Valley Technical College. 

Besides my patrol duties, I serve as the department's Defense and Arrest Tactics Instructor and Primary Field Training Officer. In 2018, I attended and completed the Field Training Concept in Criminal Justice Agencies course at Fox Valley Technical College. After completing the course, I was able to utilize the information learned to create and implement a new field training program for newly hired officers at our department. Officer Katherine Schoch was the first officer trained with the new program and she successfully completed it in November of 2018. 

I enjoy working with our "team" of officers and plan to continue improving the training that I'm responsible for providing to them.

I am also certified in Driving while Intoxicated Detection and Standard Field Sobriety Testing, Drugs that Impair Driving, Law Enforcement Emergency Response, Heartsaver First-Aid, Medical First Responder, Reid Technique Interviewing and Interrogation, Crime Scene Evidence Technician, and ALERT Training Active Shooter.

In my spare time, I enjoy sports, hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, riding my Harley, and spending time with my wife.