Credit Card Scams

Be careful who you give your credit card information to. A scam that is becoming more prevalent is a phone caller posing as a credit card company saying they are looking into a suspicious charge on your account. They indicate that they don’t need your name or number, just asking about the charge. They tell you of a charge that is obviously fraudulent and make you feel that they are protecting you. Then they ask for your 3-digit code on the back of your card. This code allows them to use your card on the Internet, etc. Your credit card company will not ask you for that information, since they already have it. Never give out your date of birth, social security number, bank account number, pin numbers, or credit card numbers to callers. If you do receive a call, ask for their information and call them back at the legitimate number you already have in your records or the number on the back of your card. For more information regarding protecting yourself against this type of scam, click here.