From Chief of Police

School is Back in Session

Now that school is back in session, please remember to drive carefully on streets around the village. Parents please remind your young high school drivers that both the high school and elementary school share start and release times, putting them in the parking lot and on the roads at the same time. The speed limit is 15 mph when children are present in school zones. There is no stopping or standing of vehicles for the westbound traffic on School Street or on Church Street adjacent to the school. Parents dropping your

children off in the morning please do so near a crosswalk so they can be helped across the street. Children crossing mid-block are hard to see and it is not safe. The safest location to drop off students is the northside of the school by the canopy.

Kohler Memorial Theater

There is going to be some traffic congestion and parking issues as the construction continues at the theater. We would like to remind everyone that this is a temporary issue and that the Village, Kohler Company, and the construction companies are doing our best to minimize the impact on school traffic. Please be patient as this project is wrapped up.