From Chief of Police

Year End Report

Every year the Kohler Police Department submits a year end report to the Village Board. That report is open to all to read too and can be viewed by clicking here. Take a look and see what we have been doing for the past year. It has statistics on number of calls and types of calls, as well as identifying some of the special events that we participate in.

Vacation Checks

Don't forget that if you're planning to go away on spring break or at any time during the year, that you may have the Kohler Police Department check your house while you're gone. Residents can request a vacation check by clicking here, by stopping by the department, or calling. If you call outside of regular business hours you may leave a message too. In your message include your name, address, duration of your vacation, and any other pertinent information that we may need to know. Some pertinent information may include lights that are on timers, alarms, and names of persons that may stop by or key holders. Any other questions about this service, please call the department.

The 2nd issue is the tinted covers on license plates. Wisconsin State Statute 341.16(2) reads:  Registration plates shall be attached firmly and rigidly in a horizontal position and conspicuous place. The plates shall at all times be maintained in a legible condition and shall be so displayed that they can be readily and distinctly seen and read.  Although there is some interpretation needed for this statute, Wisconsin Court case law has ruled that this statute applies to any cover placed over the numbers and letters of a license plate. I know they look cool, but please remove any covers over the license plate.

Prescription Drug Disposal

The Kohler Police Department has a secure drug disposal box in its lobby. The box is available for all prescription drugs and over the counter medication in their original containers. The box cannot be used for illegal drugs, needles, syringes, thermometers, or any hazardous materials. The box was obtained through a partnership with Sheboygan County to keep drugs from being flushed down toilets or dumped into landfills. Please utilize the box for any old drugs to keep them out of the wrong hands and to be disposed of properly.

Phone Scams

I have received information that the Village residents are getting calls from the Police and Sheriffs Association asking for donations. I just wanted to clarify that this group is not associated with the Kohler Police Department. We are not a member (if membership exists) and do not receive funds or training from their association. If you are interested in supporting area law enforcement with donations, I would encourage you to support the local Shop with a Cop Program or one of our K-9 Programs. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.


With gun deer hunting season upon us, the Kohler Police Department is reminding all those with firearms to use caution when handling firearms.  The Kohler Police Department continues to supply Masterlock trigger locks for all residents that want one.  One free gunlock can be obtained from the police department just by stopping in.  For those who have already obtained one in 2022, another can be obtained starting in 2023. In addition to the Masterlock trigger locks provided by the Kohler Police Department, a federal program, Project Childsafe continues to have locks available at the police department, while supplies last.  These locks are the cable lock variety and anyone may request up to three of those for their guns too. 

Student Drop Off and Pickup

Due to the Kohler Library Construction Project, School Street from East Park Lane to Church Street will be posted no parking, stopping, or standing or construction vehicles parking only.  As a result, there will no longer be a crossing guard at Church Street and School Street, but the area will be monitored by the Kohler Police Department.

We are asking that parents use the new parking lot for student pickup and drop off. This will reduce the traffic obstructions on surrounding streets as everyone attempts to get in and out of the schools during peak traffic times.

Driving Conditions

Now that winter is back upon us, we all have to remember to drive more carefully.  Even though some vehicles seem to handle better in the snowy conditions, remember to give yourself more distance between vehicles when stopping. SUVs can get going faster with 4-wheel drive, but have the same problems stopping on slick roads. Snowbanks can reduce visibility, so be aware of pedestrians.  If a vehicle is parked outside, remember to clear the windows.  Proper visibility is extremely important, especially with children crossing the streets early in the morning.  Also, remember that getting ready in the winter takes more time, so to avoid having to rush, plan ahead.

Officer Trace Woepse

On June 22nd the Kohler Police Department welcomed full-time Patrol Officer Trace Woepse to the department. He graduated from Lakeshore Technical College with an associate degree in Criminal Justice along with the 720 Hour Academy. While in college, he was a Caddie at Whistling Straights for a year and enjoyed the experience.

Officer Woepse is a 2018 graduate of Kiel High School. While in high school, he was active in sports and played football, basketball, baseball, and golf.

In his free time he enjoys playing all kinds of sports especially golf, fishing, and hanging out with friends and family.

He’s looking forward in taking a role within the community.

Officer Nicholaus Cinquepalmi

On November 16th the Kohler Police Department welcomed full-time Patrol Officer Nicholaus Cinquepalmi to the department. He graduated from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College’s 720 Hour Academy on November 10th and holds a 2013 associate degree in horticulture from Gateway Technical College in Kenosha.

He served in the United States Marine Corps from 2015-2020 as a Flight Equipment Technician on the Harrier II platform aircraft where he was deployed on the USS Kearsarge in support of Operation Freedom Sentinel in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. While in service he earned the rank of Sergeant.

Officer Cinquepalmi is a 2011 graduate of Crivitz High School. In his free time he enjoys gardening, helping family and friends with their landscape designs, being outdoors in the summer and volunteering at his church, St. John the Evangelist in Kohler, as a Sacristan and Catechist.

He’s looking forward to serving and protecting the community.

Policing in America

After the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020 and the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha on August 23, 2020 many Kohler citizens understandably began to question policing in America.

It is important to the Kohler Police Department that we try to answer the law enforcement related questions asked by our community members. The main questions we have received have been about our use of force policies and de-escalation training. The second has been about systemic problems in American policing. After some reflection on our part, we hope that our answers can be used as a starting point of continued conversations.

To help answer the first question, we have published all of our use of force policies on the Kohler Police Department website. They can be found by clicking here. You will notice that policies have been recently published. This was not due to recent events, but as a part of a new and updated policy manual. The Kohler Police Department’s Use of Force Policy is consistent with most use of force policies found in the State of Wisconsin and is accredited by WILEGA, an independent law enforcement accreditation group. De-escalation training has always been part of law enforcement training and is taught to Officers throughout their academy and career. In the last decade there has been an increase in training focusing on mental illness or those experiencing a mental health crisis. This training is intended to help officers recognize contributing factors to threatening behavior and has reduced use of force incidents. Unfortunately, this does not eliminate the need for all use of force. If necessary threatening or resistive individuals may still be met with force to be taken into custody, to reduce the threat to themselves, others, or if statutorily required.

As we shift to talk about systemic problems in American policing, it’s important to note that police departments are not part of a national system; they are local, independent police departments. Although officers are certified through the State of Wisconsin, each department has their own culture, specific law enforcement priorities, and policies. With that said, the concept of a national systemic problem in American Policing seems unlikely. This does not mean that there are not police departments and communities that have a long history of police problems, however there are also a lot of excellent police departments serving their communities. Until the communities with police problems get involved, have conversations, and focus on facts and real statistics that affect them, there will be no improving those police problems. All police departments in the United States are accountable to their citizens through their locally elected officials. This is by design, and when used properly, this system is the most effective way to hold police departments accountable and make the necessary improvements. Local oversight and support is imperative to having a quality police department. When there is not effective oversight or support, we begin to see the tragic breakdown in the relationship between the police department and the community they serve. This is not a perfect system however it is the best system for community policing. For better or worse Police are a reflection of their community through their elected officials.

At the Kohler Police Department we believe we have a strong relationship with our community. It is our role to take police action on your behalf. We do not act independently but as part of the community. If you, as a resident or a person employed in the Village of Kohler, have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to your elected representative, a Village Trustee, or the Kohler Police Department directly. It is our goal to have every member of our community feel safe and have a trusting relationship with their police department.


Wisconsin State Statute 341.15(1m)(a) reads: Except as provided in par. (b), and registration decal or tag issued by the department shall be placed on the rear registration plate of the vehicle in the manner directed by the department. In this case the manner directed by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation is shown in the picture to the left. Please remove all old stickers and have the month in the lower left corner and the current year in the lower right.


License Plates

There are a couple of trends that we would like to see not continue on license plates into 2020. 1st is the practice of placing the year sticker all over the license plate. This makes the plate hard to read for Law Enforcement. Also by the year sticker missing in the right corner, it would appear that the plate is not current as officers are scanning the plate. Keep in mind our officers scan hundreds of plates a year, so making it clear that your plate is valid is helpful.

Walk with a Cop Program

The Kohler Police Department will be trying a pilot program of Walk with a Cop. This program is open to any village resident or person employed within the Village of Kohler. We will walk in the Village for 15-30 minutes. We will be prepared to talk about neighborhood issues, village issues, and policing in America.

We hope this program will allow us to better connect with the community. The Kohler Police Department is a reflection of values held by the Village of Kohler residents and its businesses and is only improved by open communication.

As part of the pilot program, we will be scheduling a limited number of walks Monday-Friday from 7am-6pm. If these times do not work for you, please contact our department and we will try and accomodate you. To schedule a walk, please click here and send us an email to express your interest.

School Safety

Based on recent events in the United States the discussion of schools safety has been a frequent topic as I meet with members of our community. I wanted to pass on that although we don’t openly discuss our response plan, we do have one. Our evaluation of school safety is always on going and we continually adapt to new threats and tactics.

Kohler PD as well as the surrounding agencies have all participated in the Advance Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training also known as ALERRT.  ALERRT has become the standard training in law enforcement. Sheboygan Area Law Enforcement has been training in ALERRT for over a decade.  With the help of the Kohler School District and the training staff from the FBI, Kohler PD and the Sheboygan Sheriff’s Department hosted an ALERRT course in June 2022 here in Kohler. By hosting the course, 60 area officers had the opportunity to get to know the inside of the Kohler Schools and learn these important tactics.

Although I don’t want to cast judgement of the law enforcement response in Uvalde Texas we will learn from their mistakes as to not repeat them.  In reading the reports there is much to learn from that tragic event.  Most importantly the hardening of the school, recognition of community members in mental duress, and the importance of leadership in establishing law enforcement command.  

Our hearts go out to the lives lost and the in these senseless attacks on our society. If you have any further questions of concerns please contact me at the police department.

Snow Emergencies

The Village of Kohler doesn’t have winter parking regulations like many other communities with parking on the even or odd side of the street throughout the winter months.  That is typically done so if it snows the communities can completely clear the streets after the snowstorms over two days.  Instead, we just rely on residents moving their vehicles promptly after snowstorms. All vehicles need to be removed from the streets in the event a Snow Emergency is called. The Department of Public Works is responsible for the snow emergencies being called.  If large snowfalls are anticipated, be mindful that a snow emergency may be called.  Also, just a reminder that it is illegal to blow snow into the Village streets.  Helping out in these areas makes our streets cleaner and safer during the winter season.

Deer Abatement Program

Car vs. deer accidents are continuing to occur in the Village, including one of our squad car’s being struck twice on two separate occasions. Due to the Village’s significant deer population, the Kohler Police Department will be holding its deer abatement program for the 2022 deer season. As in previous years, we plan on releasing the culled deer to village residents first and then to non-residents that let us know their interest. You will be asked to sign a waiver to accept the deer.

If interested in being added to our list, please call the department at (920) 459-3877. We will need your name, address, contact number, and number of deer you’re interested in. You may also send us this information by clicking here to send us a message with the required information.