Identity Theft

Have you or someone you know been a victim of Identity Theft? Statistics show that over 8 million Americans have been a victim of identity theft. The perpetrators are looking for victims without criminal records and good credit ratings, that’s you! Protect yourself with some easy to do steps. Shredding your confidential mail is very important. Remove unnecessary identifying information from your checks, such as phone number and Drivers License number (a retailer will ask if they need it). Check your credit report annually for free at Annual Credit Report. You do not need to sign up for anything at the site to get the report. Stop unsolicited pre-approved credit cards from being mailed by calling 1-888-5-opt-out (1-888-567-8688), you can opt-out for life. Also, never answer questions about your identity on the phone or by unsolicited e-mails. Your bank or other financial institutions have all your information, they don’t need you to tell them again by e-mail or phone. You can view other ways to protect yourself and take a quiz to see if you could be a victim by clicking on the links below.